Sunday, January 22, 2006

Credit where credit is due

International organizations can serve the cause of peace, but they can never serve as a substitute for, or exercise a veto over, principled American leadership. Republican Platform 2000

I don't believe in world government in large part because I believe the main impetus behind growth of the state is "us" and "them" thinking. If we are all us, and there is no them of whom to be afraid why have government at all? In that regard I think the the Bush administration has been doing a great job emasculating international organizations. I wish they might have chosen different means towards that end but that's another story.

To wit, here's an interesting note about Paul Wolfowitz over at the World Bank. Apparently the talent is leaving in droves. If only Dick Cheney could be persuaded to run the IMF.

I had a few chuckles reading the rest of the Republican platform for election 2000.

Here's a few highlights:

Energy: What happened? Eight years ago, the nation was energy confident. Our standing in the Middle East was at its zenith. The oil cartel was in retreat; gasoline was affordable, even as automotive progress reduced emissions from cars. Today, gas prices have skyrocketed, and oil imports are at all-time highs. Foreign oil now accounts for one-third of our total trade deficit. (I'll bet somebody will be using this talking point again.)

Free Trade: But free trade must be fair trade, within an open, rules-based international trading system. (yes, that would be nice.)

Privacy: Government also has a responsibility to protect personal privacy, which is the single greatest concern Americans now have about the Information Revolution. Citizens must have the confidence that their personal privacy will be respected in the use of technology by both business and government. That privacy is an essential part of our personal freedom and our family life, and it must not be sacrificed in the name of progress. (I agree, neither should it be sacrificed in the name of political victory )