Wednesday, July 27, 2005

helpful addendum (maybe) on the occult

One of the helpful thoughts I recall when I get depressed by all the bullsh*t being fed to the unsuspecting is the wonderful way the mind works, or perhaps more accurately stated, the wonderful way the mind can work. According to certain theories of cognition the mind is like a computer of sorts, taking in perceptions and storing them using some filtering mechanism. Thus, or so many public relations people hope, once one impresses a view on a mind it is there to stay. Yet, people can change the way they think and do, sometimes easily and sometimes not until pressure, in some form, is applied.

The process I described in yesterday's post of learning a more accurate definition of a word and then allowing that more accurate definition to be reflected in a new world view is just such a cleansing process. Regardless, or so I believe, of the amount of crap one has internalized over the years, certain experiences which lead to changed thinking can in turn inspire changed world views. Having a child, losing a job, witnessing the effects of war on a friend of family member among other experiences can have a profound effect on one's world view. Heck, if the dude who came up with the idea of "Freedom Fries" can change his mind on war, anything is possible, yes?

At least I find the thought comforting in the dark of the night when I worry about the effects of the ruling party's policies.