Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Giving up

The Dude has decided to shut down this website as the powers that be have finally effected a solution to the economic problems the world faces.

I will be selling my Gold today and buying long dated US Treasury bonds and US financial stocks.


STS said...

Pulling a Doug Kass, are we? Hoping for a regular slot on "The Mad Bull"?

enigma said...

Hi Dude !

Been a lurker here for quite awhile. Thanks for all the insight and input. You make a few of us "out there" think. Also, bought a few books you've been reading over the last few months - good stuff. Hope your golf index comes down a bit for you this spring. Anyhow.. guess STS can't take a joke.. The only april fools out there are the ones not buying this dip. Thanks for all your input.

Ruby said...


the Dude has a laff!

Here's one: I read Baudrillard's Global Debt and Parallel Universes - and I understood it!

REALLY!! In terms of McLuhan of course (I'm still digesting him). I don't know what I was reading by Bau before - and I couldn't get through a paragraph.

Remember you did that post on the infinite debt a while ago (which I'll have to go back and read again as I didn't get the Baudrillard part having never read the essay.)

Another laff? I just ordered a copy of Impossible Exchange for $4.95 from Amazon. NO JOKE!!!

The joke will be years from now, when I still won't get what he's talking about there.......

Gold took a hit today bigtime, but I'm about to cash out and go 100%Gold - well, almost..... I just can't take this criminal activity. Sure makes me mad.

Cary said...

I'm catching up on the blog...am clearly years behind...hope you guys are well...cary in singapore

Dude said...


Yes, we are well. I hope the same is true of you.

Our son turned 7 a few months ago and we just finished building a new house.

The old email addresses still work so drop us a line.

STS said...


Doug Kass was kidding too, which was my point. You know a joke is carried too far when nobody can read the layers of irony any more ;)

I would make a joke about the dude moving the price of gold with his "sell" signal, but it's already April 3. Maybe next year.