Monday, April 10, 2006

See you tomorrow

I've got to visit my lawyer today so I won't be posting until tomorrow.


John Mackenzie said...


After fifteen years of self-induced lunacy, one thought keeps running through my head, one I cannot seem to escape.

Perhaps is sticks for a simple reason... you have always been adroit at presenting etymological allegories, textures and proper context... something I have marveled at over the years @

Philosophy, something tan commented upon one random day, suggesting it was far more of "what the world needs now."

Struggling to find an orthodoxy...

Wedded to tradition, many observers are uncomfortable with letting the questions and the evidence lead them to alternative views and ideals.

Personally, it has been an epic disappointment for the good questions to rarely end up reflecting beyond convention.

I believe there is a simple base from which to begin again, an orthodoxy from which thinkers can adhere, unfortunately it may come at a price few are willing to pay.

John Mackenzie said...

uh dude... where is dharma?