Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I agree with John Snow, China moves...or else

It is imperative that China move towards greater flexibility as quickly as possible. US Treasury Secretary, John Snow

The Benefits of victory in Iraq - N.S.C. Victory in Iraq
- economically, by facilitating progressive reform in the region and depriving terrorists control over a hub of the worldÂ’s economy.

Sadly, I agree both with Mr. Snow that it is imperative that China comes back into the Forex Market as international trade relations mediator paradigm and with the National Security Council brief that control over Iraq's oil fields in hands unfriendly to US interests would severely harm the national economy, inter alia.


Raymond Weklar said...

What would "unfriendly hands" do with Iraqi oil other than sell it?

Dude said...

To be precise, I used the phrase, "hands unfriendly to US interests," a classification that most likely applies to more people now than a few years ago.

As to what "they" might do, perhaps nothing, not sell any oil, although I don't think that option a central scenario. A more pressing concern, to my mind, is to which ends the profits from those future sales will be put. Not every regime will prove as decadent as the House of Saud.

To be clear, though, just because I agree with the administration that control of a vast resource is a subject of concern does not mean that I support military action. One of my purposes in jotting down my agreement was as preamble to a debate on the war along the lines the extent control of Iraq's oil resource is a cause of concern what effects will the war already have and what wil follow if it is continued...